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Planning Your Work Wardrobe
By Uzo Ukegbu

Regardless of where you work or what you do, looking good and professional at your work place is a non-negotiable necessity. Whether you work in a corporate company, a creative field, or even from home, wearing the right work wear helps channel your mind into the right frame to achieve things and get through the day.


First, let’s quickly go over some criteria the ideal work wardrobe would need to fulfil:

- It should not only make you look but also feel professional and give you confidence for presentations, meetings or talks with the boss.

- It should be 100% comfortable and functional, so you can concentrate on your work without having to worry about straps that dig in or a skirt that rides up.

- It should respect the company’s culture but still reflect your own personal style.

Below are three layouts of outfit inspiration for the perfect work look. The great thing is any woman anywhere can wear these looks! Of course you can remove and add garments as you choose, depending on your personal style and your company‘s culture. You can substitute colours, accessories, etc. based on what you currently have and as you see fit.






Here are a few tips that can help you in wardrobe organization:

- Separate your casual clothes from your professional clothes

- Build a mixable capsule collection that you can wear only for work

- Color co-ordinate

- Don’t be afraid or shy to replicate your outfits

- Use the right accessories to personalize your work wardrobe

- Always invest in quality clothing; it prevents you from unnecessary shopping.

- Wear your clothes with CONFIDENCE!


What do you wear for work and how happy are you with your current work wardrobe? Are these tips helpful and do you have any questions or topics you’ll like me to discuss with you?

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