2 years
By Uzo Ukegbu
Past packing experiences and super spontaneous packing always left me with nothing to wear on my vacations. I always ended up with a suitcase full of random garments.

For me less is always more; especially if you consider the luggage limitations, and this time I had more than a couple weeks to prepare for my vacay so I prepared in advance what I was gonna pack. Hope some of my ideas work for you too!


Here are seven summer vacation essentials for every traveller these next few months!

1. Sunglasses 

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the idea of great vacations is to bask in the sun, the fresh air and the beautiful summer weather! But we really don’t want to get our eyes hurt while taking in all those tourist sites! Get yourself the perfect pair of sunglasses and you’re good to go!

2. Swimwear

Whether you’re a one-piece girl or a bikini girl. A vacation will be incomplete without a dive in the pool or in the ocean, or just a lazy morning getting a sun tan on your hotel balcony. So even if you only pack one swimwear, pack a sexy one!

3. Summer Dresses 

This reminds me of old movies, sunflowers and the sun beaming through the windows. Throw it on with a pair of sliders for a day look or switch it up with a pair of stilettos. A summer dress is a MUST HAVE on a vacation.

4. Beach Bags 

Oh this is very simple, you need that big beach bag to throw in any and everything you don’t need while running around at the beach!

5. Straw hats

Just in case sunglasses aren’t strong enough, add a straw hat. It is not as serious and a fedora and it is not as playful as a floppy hat! The straw hat is a perfect accessory to add to any of your looks this summer!

6. Summer shoes 

You choose! Just make sure they are VERY comfortable!

7. Camera/Phone 

For the experiences, and the memories. For the smiles and the giggles. For adding another travel to your to-do-list!


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