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Clean And Clear Facial Skin: The 10 Basic Commandments
By PNN Lifestyle
No, this is not another skincare post that lists one million overly expensive skincare products that you can only buy from an exotic island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. This is also not a skincare post that lists 101 exfoliation techniques that ain‘t nobody got time for.

PNN Lifestyle here, hello!

Did I ever say welcome to PNN Lifestyle? Welcome to PNN Lifestyle!!!

There‘s so much the Play Network has put together to make this blog as interesting and engaging as possible. Thank you so much for making it all worthwhile!

This is a basic post with simple habits that ladies and gentlemen often overlook even though these habits really do make all the difference. As we all know, looking good is good business and there are no words to describe that confidence that comes with clean and clear skin! Having said that, please find below the 10 basic commandments to obey for beautiful, clean and clear facial skin.


Commandment Number 1

Thou shalt wash and moisturise thy face twice daily!

No matter how hard and no matter how tired you are. It doesn‘t matter whether or not you had makeup on during the day! Neither does it matter whether you spent the entire day at the spa (okay it matters, but you get the point).

Of course there are those lazy days every now and then when we would rather a pimple pop up than stand up from our cosy beds to wash our faces and that is perfectly fine! When that lazy day turns into a lazy week or a lazy month however, then refer to commandment number 1!


Commandment Number 2

Do not go two weeks without washing your makeup brush.

In an ideal and perfect world, our makeup brushes really should be cleaned out every week (but who are we fooling). Using your make up brush for over 2 weeks without washing it however is an invitation to treat for rough skin and trust me, that acne WILL make you an offer sooner or later so don‘t do it!


Commandment Number 3

Respect your face and hands off!

If only we could see micro-bacteria with our ordinary eyes, we really would keep those hands to ourselves. Just in case we have forgotten, our hands can still be used for eating, writing, drawing, or even pinching, but never to rub our foreheads just for the sake of it (especially when they have not been freshly washed). If you‘re not washing, moisturising, exfoliating (yes, i said it) or applying makeup on your face, try your best to keep those hands off! Your skin will thank you for it!


Commandment Number 4

Leave those pop-up pimples alone!

It is tempting. I totally get it! But this is one commandment we must obey if we love our skin. Facial skin is so tender; all that pressing, squeezing and manhandling will do it no good. Think TLC! Or better still try to see that unwanted pimple the same way you see that unwanted person that just would not let you live! When you get tired of screaming, begging, fighting and even crying, you simply ignore! Silence really is the best answer for a pop-up pimple!


Commandment Number 5

Never underestimate the role good hygiene plays- it is everything!

These are the simple things we already know:

- The maximum time you should use your pillowcase is 1 week. 5 days for those who have overly sensitive skin and 1 day if you sleep with your makeup on by accident (DO NOT!!).

- Do not use dirty water to wash your face

- Do not use a dirty soap to wash your face (I mean!)

- Do not use dirty water to wash your makeup brushes

- Do not place your makeup brushes in a dirty makeup bag or a dirty surface

- Make sure clean brushes are used on your face when your makeup is being done professionally

- Do not sleep on the floor or rug with your face placed on it ( I mean, again!)

... and so on and so forth!


Commandment Number 6

Reduce contact between your hair and your face.

Let‘s keep our hair on our heads and our faces on our... faces shall we?

Not everyday fringe, not everyday Rihanna cut. We must always remember that as Africans and with our hair type, we do not normally wash our hair daily (or even weekly sometimes). A whole lot of us also have human hair extensions that remain unwashed sometimes until the next install!

Constant unwarranted interraction between your hair and your face, especially the non-human hair used for braiding and sometimes as hair extensions, just might be the reason why your face still isn‘t as clean and clear as you deserve.


Commandment Number 7

Never use your body towel as a face towel.

It is very important to have a seperate towel used to pat your face, and your face only. Even better would be to allow your face air dry as often as you can.

Need I mention that we must not forget our fifth commandment when dealing with that face towel?


Commandment Number 8

Do NOT share your makeup with anyone!

Especially those ones that we use directly on our faces (facial brushes, compact powders, blushes, foundation sticks, bronzers etc). Apart from the fact that your makeup is a personal item that should not be shared (hygiene 101), you also put yourself at great risk of acne by sharing it with others (yes, your sister included!).


Commandment Number 9

You must understand that not every product is good for you.

Avoid jumping from one skincare lotion or facial wash to another. You must also avoid testing out every makeup line that there is in the makeup store (beware of those testers!). Not every makeup brand will be good for your skin so try to stick to what you know, as long as it has worked for you so far. If you must try out a new product, make sure you do your research first.


Commandment Number 10

Last but in no way least-

Love your face, honour it and listen to its needs.

When your face talks, you must always listen. So what, there‘s a pimple here and there every now and then! Perfect is boring anyway! Easy does it, let it breathe!

We love to look glam but we must have those casual Suzy days where we leave our faces makeup free. If you eat something new and your face starts itching, pay attention! If you try out a new product and you get unusual acne or discomfort, pay attention!


Love your face, trust your instincts! You just might be ten steps closer to a cleaner, clearer and more beautiful skin.

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