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Fitness Lifestyle 101- Sleep Sleep Sleep! (Part 2)
By Samuel Thomas

WOW! I am glad to have you come by again, today. In our last conversation, we talked about the importance of sleep and how to sleep effectively. If you didn’t get to read it; kindly do so and head back here for the conclusion of our discussion on Sleep. Right now, we would be looking at strategies to conquer restlessness, sleeplessness, and oversleeping.



Have you ever wondered why you spend hours, begging sleep to show up and it never does? Maybe, you feel drained and overwhelmed with so much in your mind? Sometimes, you can’t sit still and just chill the moments away?

You are not alone. Rest is the key to ending all of those ping-pong-irritating feelings. To overcome restlessness, try doing the following:

  •  Don’t force the sleeping process. You don’t have to sleep to enjoy rest. Just chill; watching a movie or listening to some music!

    Avoid activities that require your mind to process and respond to informations, or thoughts.

  • Turn off your Social Media Apps. You own them. They don’t own you!

    Go for a walk or just lie down appreciating the good things and good people in your life.



    It is never a funny experience when you can’t sleep! You find yourself awake, even when you have no valid reason to stay awake. Before you know it... Its sunrise, or your alarm to kick start your day, starts crying for attention. Wow! What a night! Not everyone experiencing sleeplessness has insomnia or some other form of sleeping disorder. Here is how to overcome sleeplessness without the use of any medication:

  • Choose to be merry and full of laughter.No matter what, create time to laugh and rejoice intentionally.

  • Choose to be grateful even when things aren’t going as planned. There is always something good in the midst of the bad.

  • Take note of the beverages, food, and drinks you consume, and how they affect your rest and sleeping habits. Once you have done that, avoid or reduce the intake of products that interrupt your sleeping pattern.

  • Be quick to settle your disagreements with friends, family, or anyone who annoys/offends you.You too, can also be annoying. Be graceful to yourself, be quick to apologize and forgive yourself and others.



    I know what it feels like to oversleep. You just can‘t help it! It is so sweet and refreshing but comes with a price. In the end, you will miss appointments, deadlines, important moments, or your next stop/flight schedule.

    I understand the need for more sleep when; you are pregnant, on medication, or dealing with jet-lag. But that’s not what I am talking about here.

    Oversleeping comea as a result of not sleeping right. Because of oversleeping, some humans, crash their cars, burn down their homes, or forget they are in a public transport, finding themselves in an entirely different location from what they had planned. It is time to overcome this oversleeping madness. Here is how:

  • Study and understand your body. Learn how many hours your body will need sleep for in order to perform optimally. It is usually between 6-9 hours.

  • Create a daily wake up schedule: You can do so with the help of an alarm. Make sure it is loud and not at arms length.

    Work out and do lots of fitnes sactivities.

    Practice a healthy meal plan. Also, ensure your last meal is about 3hours before bed time.

    There is a difference between being tired and feeling sleepy. Go to bed when you are sleepy — When your eyes can’t stay open, your head is on auto nod, and you just want to sleep right-away.

    Don’t take TV, devices, heated arguments, or work, into your sleeping space.

    Understand your best sleeping positions.

    Use friendly pillows, bedspreads, and mattress.

    Avoid pillows of any sort, if your body finds it uncomfortable.


    What will you do with all this knowledge? Put it to good use, and save yourself the insomnia/hypersomnia drama. Remember, Its a ‘sleeping sumting!’. Stay fit, stay inspired, stay joyful, and give yourself a lot of rest time, play time, and sleep time.


    I will see you soon, in my next series.

    Samuel Samzeal Thomas

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