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Fitness Lifestyle 101- Sleep Sleep Sleep!
By Samuel Thomas

Hello, dear reader. I believe you had a great night rest? If you are anything like me, your rest time might be quite the opposite of the 24hr clock window. Whatever your case might be, it is so good to have you here!

I would love to hear from you if the previous discussions we had on fitness, added some relative and practical value to your well being. Today, l‘ll be talking about Sleep. We all need sleep at some point in each day. But how much quality sleep do we actually enjoy? As always, I love to keep it simple and straight forward. I will save you all the technical terms and cut straight to the core of the matter. ‘It’s a sleep sumting!’


The Importance of Sleep

When you fail to give your body the quality sleep it deserves, you have failed to give your body the optimum acceleration it requires for everyday tasks. To stay mentally fit, and be ready to do what it takes to be agile and active in every way throughout the day, you will need the right amount of sleep. Even Mr. Bill 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Gates won’t argue that. No matter what you do with your time and energy, you will require a great amount of sleep. From experience, I have learned to understand that, my body will always find a way to strike back and demand for the amount of sleep I forfeited because of work, or even pleasure. You don’t want to be having quality sleep in an hospital facility or in a sick bay. Always understand and respect your biological health system alarm. The day you don’t, you will pay in hard currency. It is not funny. But I hope you listen to my warnings and take your sleep time seriously.


Sleep is important because of the following reasons:

1. You need sleep to have a focused mind.

2. You need sleep before or after workout.

3. You need sleep for your heart to circulate blood effectively.

4. You need sleep to enable you enjoy your work and pleasure time.

5. You need sleep because sleep needs to deliver you from stressssssss!


How and when to sleep

There is no perfect time to sleep. You just have to create the time for it! Stop postponing or ignoring your biological sleep alarm. As for me, I can sleep for long hours, for short hours, or even for a few minutes. Even when I am most busy, I plan my sleep schedule. You should sleep when and where you know you would be comfortable. Sometimes, I have to intentionally block out all the noise in my mind and in my surroundings, in order to enjoy a great sleep time.

You can sleep in-between trips when on a business trip or long travelling schedule. Whatever it is, make sure you make out that time for some sleep! In our next discussion, we would be looking at strategies to conquer sleeplessness, restlessness, and oversleeping. Get ready and have lots of sleep at some point today. Don’t sleep on the job, but sleep when your entire job quota for the day is done! Remember, we are in this Fitness Ship together!

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Samuel Samzeal Thomas.