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Pétale Noir
By Ufuoma- Scentified
The classic 1960 James Bond theme song plays in the background, a fresh looking Caterina Zeta Jones races across the front porch of the Red Lobster Casino (not sure where that name came from) clutching tightly to her 280 Karh pistol. This damsel was clearly in pursuit of ... errr reality check! Lets put away this adrenaline source for now, shall we?


So I find the brand name Agent Provocateur a bit edgy because it readily brings to my mind stories of espionage where the main character is always feminine, risque and posesses a red jaguar. Permit me to blame it on the "Agent" title. Pétale noir is a floral oriental scent designed for women. Unveiled in 2012, this bombshell was concocted from rose, ylang ylang, nerolin, mandarin orange, lily of the valley (water lilies), hyacinth along with some not-so-sweet aromas like sandalwood, leather and tobacco leaves- which kind of explains the darkness behind the name "Pétale Noir".

A perfect embodiment of pretty but not nice, mentioned above are the major scents in this delectable piece. Can we talk about the packaging? I absolutely love its grenade shaped bottle. And the etchings of floral silhouettes remind me of laced underwears. This package, I believe, gives more "omph" to the name Provocateur as compared to the previous editions.

Caution: This femme fatalé is not for everyone. It can be percieved as rude to the more gentle nose. So make sure you test it before you get it. I, by the way, find it devilishly delicious but hey what do I know right? *inserts evil laugh here*

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