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Fitness Lifestyle 101- Part Two
By Samuel Thomas

Dear Reader. Its good to have you back again, today. I hope you were inspired by my previous post and I hope you applied the principles you gained from it? In my previous post, I talked about watching your mouth and understanding your body and I explained why is important. If you haven’t read my previous post, kindly do so before going ahead to read this as you will find it extremely useful.Today, we would be looking at: Gaining Healthy Weight VS Loosing Unhealthy Weight.


Gaining Healthy Weight VS Loosing Unhealthy Weight

Like I mentioned in my previous post; I love to keep my use of terms and analogies simple. One day, while coaching at a gym, a lady asked me to show her which workout will be effective to add weight. Oh my gosh! I was shocked. I know how many ladies and gents would kill themselves in the gym, in order to possess her slim-shaped-packaged-body. She was on point! In the course of our conversation, I figured out she wanted to add some good healthy-meaty-sexy-weight. I had to do some research and test-run some workout routines with her. After three months of hard body workout and food workout, her body entered a ‘tone zone’ - her grip was firm, her endurance level had expanded, and her body weight was just how she wanted it! Slimness does not equate Fitness. Yes, I said it!

There are a lot of slim people who are not fit at all. If you can’t endure or carry out certain activities for long periods of time, don’t get yourself hyped on the Fitness Lifestyle list. Perhaps you are slim and you need some firm muscles on your legs, butt, hips, chest, and shoulder areas; please stay with me and read on.

There is also a difference between body building and gaining healthy weight. Body building involves lots of muscle expansion techniques; from how you eat, to how you workout and what supplements you take. Do not mistake body building for keeping fit or adding healthy weight. It is important to have specific workout goals and fully understand how to achieve them. I will touch more on Workout Place vs Workout Goals, in my next write up.

Your weight gain is considered unhealthy if you are just accumulating fats and fats and more fats. On the other hand, your weight gain is considered healthy if you are accumulating lots of fats and simultaneously converting those fats into muscles, firmness, and fitness. That is what it means to have a toned and fit body. Simply put: If you want to gain weight, you must eat a lot of balanced diet foods, and if you want to loose weight: you must cut down your eating, while drinking lots of water & freshly squeezed juice.

If you want to be fit and on point with your weight however; you must eat a lot of balanced diet foods (double or triple your meal portions) and make a consistent workout routine a MUST. Don’t get it twisted, weight loss and weight gain depends on whatever you consume with your mouth, overtime. But fitness depends on your mode, place, and time of workout, over time. Loosing unhealthy weight is very easy and not a train smash. Some may see it as grim and difficult, but the truth is, when you accumulate fats over time, you will need patience to lose weight over time. It takes willingness and discipline to commit the whole 100 yards to new consumption habits.

In essence, I urge you to:

1. Understand your body dynamics.

2. Research specific workout plans that will suit you.

3. Commence your diet and workout goals.

4.Turn your goals into a lifestyle.

Like I mentioned in my previous post; “If you can understand what adds unhealthy weight to your body, and how your body responds to it, you have arrived at the first major and most transforming way to lose weight or gain weight in a healthy and consistent manner.”

In my next post, I will talk more about Work Out Places vs Workout Goals. It is important to define clearly, what you want, and to know how, where, and when to achieve it.

Remember, you are not alone in this thing called Fitness Lifestyle. Keep watching your mouth and understanding your body dynamics. Nothing is impossible when you believe and commit to it over time. Stay Inspired!



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