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By Ufuoma- Scentified

Happy!! One of the happiest scents ever created since 1997. A sparkling cocktail of bergamot, plum, grapefruit, fresh apple, lily, orchid, freesia, rose and a hint of amber and musk! Just beautiful!


Happy! Two time fragance award winner, perfect for bright sunny days spent with friends and loved ones. Its pick-me-up effect is like being with a chatty, energetic personality. A perfect gift especially for those who are very active and full of life! It would compliment their energy perfectly!

Not forgetting about the men, Clinique launched the male version in 1999. Clinique Happy for men (EDT) has been described as clean, crisp and fresh. Made from lemon, lime, orange, rose, freesia, cedar, cypress and musk. I wonder if it smells as sweet as the feminine version. Happy for men is certainly not as popular as its female counterpart but hey! Different strokes for different folks!

Picture wearing this fragrance on the beach. All that citrusy aroma combined with the smell of the sea and a happy go lucky atmosphere... Need I say more?

Clinique Happy is must try for fragrance lovers! If you do go ahead to try this Happy fragrance, please let me know what you think!

I encourage you to ahead and indulge your senses!



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