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Fitness Lifestyle 101
By Samuel Thomas

Hello All,

I am Samuel Thomas- A fitness expert and new contributor to PNN Lifestyle! I am referred to by many as Samzeal! I am a lot of things to a lot of people. But I sure do love connecting with people on a personal level. I am a Nigerian, based in South Africa. I love screen, songs, and Blog Writing. I Love Life Coaching. I love Singing, and Mixing Good Music for Clubs, Radio Stations, and Exclusive events. I am adventurous, funny, focused, and relentless.

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Dear Reader, thank you for stoping by today in order to hear what I have to say. Let’s talk about something we all can relate and respond to. Lets talk about Fitness! I know there are so many topics to cover on that subject, however I would like to focus more on anyone who is keen on being fit in other to enjoy and express a thriving healthy lifestyle.

In my experience as Personal Fitness and Life Coach, I have realised that many people want to lose weight or gain healthy weight but they are not willing to work on their diet and eating plans. You cannot have a healthy and wise eating habit if you don’t have a wise and healthy plan on what, when, and how you drink/eat. Also, loosing and gaining healthy weight goes beyond eating, drinking, and working out in a gym or on your own. There are other habits to cultivate in the process. Permit me to indulge your mind in few minutes as I say what I need to say and I will be out of your way.

Watching Your Mouth VS Understanding Your Body Dynamics

Like I normally say to my clients; If you want to loose weight, watch your mouth and understand your body. This same rule applies If you want to gain healthy weight. I have observed that a lot of people do well in watching what goes into their mouths but they fail to understand their body dynamics. I know you have a lot of knowledge or some amount of knowledge on what you should eat and what not. So, I won’t waste your time repeating it in today’s column but I would save it for another day as a reminder or as additional knowledge.

I would like us to focus on Understanding Your Body Dynamics. Not everyone who eats Pasta , Ice-Creams , or drink Soda on a regular basis, will become fat. Yes, I said it. Understanding your body is key to knowing what fosters weight gain and weight loss in your own unique body. Does that mean you should experiment recklessly on any eatables and drinkables? Not at all.

For instance, Helen can eat all the cake she desires and not gain any weight. Not because she is slim, but because cake got nothing on her. While Hannah can eat just few portions of cake and boom! Her weight shoots up! Not because she is a bad eater. Its because her body fat responds to cake intake differently from Helen’s.

Personally,I will gain lots of weight if I eat consistently; three square meals in a day, 7 days a week, 30 days a month, without any form of rudimental workout plan. This might be different for someone else. I will save you all the Biological/Medical terms and narratives and keep it real simple. Studying and understanding Your Body, Will build an ‘automatic weight alarm check’ in your brain. I know when I have reached my alcohol, soft drink, and food intake limit. What do I do when that alarm blares? I stick to water and lemon by day, and warm water at night/ water melon and other choice fruits.

If you can understand what adds unhealthy weight to your body, and how your body responds to it, you have arrived at the first major and most transforming way to loose weight or gain weight in a healthy consistent basis.

In our next edition, I would be talking about: Gaining Healthy Weight VS Loosing Unhealthy Weight. Relax. You are not alone in this thing called Fitness Lifestyle.

Stay inspired, keep watching your food intake and practice the art of understanding your body dynamics.

Until next time! Thank you and have a fruitful day!