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Men And Yoga
By Seyi Ishola
There’s that one question I often get from male friends and it usually goes like this: can I also practice yoga? Is it weird to see a guy in yoga class? In our society, there’s a stigma that yoga is mostly for the women. I’m here to let you know that yoga isn’t for a select group of people, but rather it’s for everyone regardless of your shape, size or sex.

Now no matter what gender you are, trying yoga for the first time could be intimidating, especially when you’ve gone to a class with your super flexible, foldable girlfriend/friend. Many poses would seem difficult to anyone who hasn’t had a consistent yoga routine or someone who spends majority of time at the gym and little time really stretching the muscles out. Yoga helps to improve performance in your regular fitness activity therefore leading to less injuries.

Benefits of Yoga

  • Yoga helps to improve your metabolism and allows for proper flow of blood in the body.

  • Helps to improve the quality of your sex life. Your endurance and stamina is increased and so is your focus.

  • Yoga helps your balance. It includes poses that help to improve your balance as with yoga you learn to do the same thing on both sides. You learn to treat one side of the body the same as the other.

  • Yoga teaches you the difference between being in pain and feeling discomfort. You start to understand your body better.

  • Your breathing improves. You learn to connect with your breath; breathe intentionally and indirectly teaching the body to oxygenate itself more efficiently.

  • Sleep and relaxation is much improved with yoga. Yoga helps by relieving stress levels which helps to improve your sleeping habits.

NOTE: You DO NOT have to be flexible to practice yoga. With time comes flexibility and regardless of this, yoga gifts you with so much more than flexibility. You DO NOT have to know all the Sanskrit or English names of yoga poses before class. The instructor is there to guide you through your practice and all you reallt need to do is to show up. Yoga is NOT only for women. Everyone benefits from yoga. Yoga does not discriminate and the muscles in your body will thank you for honoring them. Yoga will bring you balance and you’ll learn things about yourself you may not have realized before or you had and just neglected how powerful/useful it is to you. The basic poses in yoga provide the foundation, flexibility and strength not only for the advanced poses but for a better lifestyle.

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