The Play Woman

Considering the need for continual efforts that encourage, empower and engage women, PLAY Network Nigeria has launched an on-going initiative, The PLAY Woman. This initiative specifically aims to advise, connect and inspire the Millennial African woman.

The PLAY Woman will aim to break down social barriers amongst women and open women to worlds of new opportunity centred on collaborating, as opposed to competition.

Through monthly social events and workshops, we aim to connect women from all walks of life, while fostering both personal and professional development.

Who is the Play Woman?

The Play Woman represents women who are working towards being great in their own right and we believe all Play Women have the following attributes that set them apart from the ordinary.

The Play Woman is STRONG. She fiercely owns who she is and is confident in her own ability.

The Play Woman is CREATIVE. She has an ability to come up with new ideas, experiment and produce in all areas of her life.

The Play Woman is FOCUSED. She knows what she wants and no matter the cost, she takes purposeful action towards bettering herself and those around her.

The Play Woman is SOCIAL. She loves to meet new people, get out of her comfort zone and have fun.

The Play Woman is AUTHENTIC. She has an ability to learn from those around her yet is able to stay true to herself. She sets her own standards and believes in her uniqueness.

Our Goal

We believe every single woman in our network has something incredible to offer the world. By connecting women of all levels across industries we can harvest collaboration, knowledge exchange and facilitate in building long lasting, beneficial professional and personal relationships. The Play Woman will enable more women to confidently go forth in the direction they so choose in the know that they have a network of amazing women right there behind them.

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