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By Atim Ukoh- Afrolems

By now if you are West African, you would have heard the “mad over you” song. In this song, the artist Runtown describes a Ghanian girl that wants to marry him. He also says he hopes she can cook waakye. I was listening to the song and then it occurred to me that I had not uploaded a waakye...
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By Odera N. Okakpu

Nigerian students who pursue education abroad become Nigerians with “international exposure”, identifiable by certain character traits imbibed in them over the course of study. When they return to Nigeria, they are more likely to be hired because companies are rest assured that not only do...
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By Samuel Thomas

Dear reader. I am so glad you stopped by again. If you have not seen my previous posts, kindly do so. We’ve been discussing about making fitness a lifestyle. I have talked about Watching Your Mouth and
Understanding Your Body, Loosing Unhealthy Weight and Gaining Healthy Weight. Today,...
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By Crystal Ikanih-Musa

Crystal Ikanih-Musa is an international law attorney barred in the U.S., and her legal expertise focuses on U.S. – Nigeria relations. She is also an international development professional. She is a new contributor to the PNN Lifestyle blog and will be sharing legal advice and tips with us every...
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By Nemi Ariweriokuma

Hello all,

I am Nemi a fashion stylist/fashion entrepreneur at styletrailer which is an online clothing store. I will be discussing tips and issues bordering on fashion and style on PNN Lifestyle and hope you enjoy my weekly posts!
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