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By Samuel Thomas

Dear reader. I am so glad you stopped by again. If you have not seen my previous posts, kindly do so. We’ve been discussing about making fitness a lifestyle. I have talked about Watching Your Mouth and
Understanding Your Body, Loosing Unhealthy Weight and Gaining Healthy Weight. Today,...
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By Crystal Ikanih-Musa

Crystal Ikanih-Musa is an international law attorney barred in the U.S., and her legal expertise focuses on U.S. – Nigeria relations. She is also an international development professional. She is a new contributor to the PNN Lifestyle blog and will be sharing legal advice and tips with us every...
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By Nemi Ariweriokuma

Hello all,

I am Nemi a fashion stylist/fashion entrepreneur at styletrailer which is an online clothing store. I will be discussing tips and issues bordering on fashion and style on PNN Lifestyle and hope you enjoy my weekly posts!
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By Ufuoma- Scentified
The classic 1960 James Bond theme song plays in the background, a fresh looking Caterina Zeta Jones races across the front porch of the Red Lobster Casino (not sure where that name came from) clutching tightly to her 280 Karh pistol. This damsel was clearly in pursuit of ... errr reality check! Lets...
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By Samuel Thomas

Dear Reader. Its good to have you back again, today. I hope you were inspired by my previous post and I hope you applied the principles you gained from it? In my previous post, I talked about watching your mouth and understanding your body and I explained why is important. If you haven’t read...
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