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7 days
By Atim Ukoh- Afrolems
Did she really say Egusi Bisque?

Yes she did!

The egusi flavour is so strong though!

Yep! She knows that too.

I mean I see the addition of prawns and crayfish but why use Egusi?

Why not?

Why is this crazy lady talking...
2 months
By Nemi Ariweriokuma

Many times we hear people say things like " I gave him all the love I had and he hurt me" or we could hear " I loved her so much and she left me". We then walk through the rest of this journey called life with a mindset that feels like loving is bad and we ought to change.
3 months
By Nemi Ariweriokuma

Do you like the piece I showed you?
Do you think it was creative?
Do you think I am talented?
Why is your face looking like that, was I sounding bad?
Do you think the clients will like it?
4 months
By Atim Ukoh- Afrolems

Kantun Ridi is the hausa name for sesame seed candy also known as beniseed candy. Up until a few years ago, I never even knew sesame seeds were a huge part of our cuisine in Nigeria. Being a food blogger, you get to discover all kinds of interesting things from conversations with friends.
5 months
By Atim Ukoh- Afrolems
Garlic bread is one of my favourite appetizers to indulge in when I am in the mood to cook a fancy meal. I especially love the cheesy garlic bread version. I would typically use parmesan cheese or cheddar cheese. Matured cheddar cheese though, as I feel it has a bit more flavour. I think I would upload...
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